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Is Dating As A Millennial Really Harder Now Than In Past Generations, Or Are We Really Just A Bunch of Whining Babies?

“Most of us (myself included) feel like it’s harder to meet someone now than it was back in our parents’ and grandparents’ generations. Why is that? If you want my opinion (like I knew you would), it’s because we’re focused on certain things in life that warrant a long pause in getting married at a young age.”

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Dating Question of the Week: "I'm In A Relationship, But Can't Stop Thinking About Another Woman"

“I’m in a relationship, but I’m kind of falling for another woman. We both attend the same graduate school and ended up working on something together. Long story short, I noticed that I was thinking about her more than I should be and will even sometimes try to “accidentally” run into her after a lecture class. “

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