Private Membership

Houston, Atlanta, Dallas, Los Angeles, and New York City


About Our Private Membership

C&C Matches offers private client membership for the most elite millennials in Houston, Dallas, Atlanta, Los Angeles, and New York City. Our private level membership is only for people not just looking for their match, but also wanting to improve their dating life overall. Our Director of Matchmaking, Christen Turner, coaches & matches all private clients through a 6-month Dating Plan specifically tailored to your dating needs, goals, and life overall. 

Once you and our matchmaker have agreed on your dating plan, she will then look for your match within and outside of our database, recruiting new C&C members just to date and meet you. While she's looking for your match, she’ll also be coaching you through the dating process based upon her observations of your everyday life, personality, and how you date. These observations are not only made through virtual mediums but also in-person meetings in your city.

Matchmaking & Dating Coaching

After at least 4-months of private dating coaching, our matchmaker will then send you on dates with whom she feels are your best prospects. She’ll also arrange and plan any date with your potential prospects for you. This way you’re able to have a great start to a potential relationship, with your match. 

The dating coaching that automatically comes with our private membership assures you that when you’re finally put in front of your match, you’ll feel confident and ready for a happy and healthy relationship with someone who's been hand-picked just for you. Before we do that, though, our matchmaker wants to make sure she understands who you are and what brought you to this point in your dating life, before she sends you on dates with serious prospects. Beyond that, we want to make sure that when you do finally enter a relationship; you have a true shot at making it last.



Getting Started

All you have to do to get started is two things. First, complete our basic membership application by clicking the underlined link or going to the “Basic Membership” page. This allows us to speed up the process and make sure you meet the minimum qualifications beforehand. Once that’s done, come back here and fill in the inquiry below with your basic information and reasoning for wanting to become a private client. Once we receive your initial inquiry, we’ll then send you detailed information of everything that’s included in our private membership along with deposit and payment information.

*We only have 15 spots open nationwide for the spring season. Send in your inquiry NOW, so you don’t get put on the waitlist.

P.S. Skip to the front of line by filling out an application on our basic membership page first.

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